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Jill Farrell

We adopted our first Berner in 2006. That was all it took to make us fall in love with this breed!  I knew then that I wanted more of them!  Waylan was a sweet, smart, large puppy when he came to be a part of our family.  He is almost 8 years old now and is still my boy that I fell in love with!  Josie was our first female and so beautiful and powerful.  She really should have been worked with to pull carts because she really could have!  Buck came the following year and was to be our stud dog.  He is the boy that will run and greet you and welcome you to the house!  He loves everyone and anyone.  Most visiters will say the same thing..."We want to take Buck home"!  


Five years ago we moved to a beautiful piece of land on Moon Road. We built a log cabin and started to raise these beautiful balls of love.  We have 25 acres on a dead end road.  Our dogs enjoy the freedom of being outside and not kenneled.  It is a labor of love and devotion to this breed.  They truely are a family dog. 


There are a lot of great qualities about this breed, like wherever you are, that is where they want to be! Even if it is running errands and riding along or just relaxing and watching tv.  They do however think that they are a lap dog and will want to cuddle with you!  They do not drool but do shed!  That is why they invented vacumn cleaners.  They are not barky but will let you know that you have a visitor.  They are great as therapy dogs as they just love to be petted!  Several of our puppies are in service that way.  


My husband Jim is my partner in raising and loving these dogs.  It is extremely important to us that our puppies are placed with great families and that they are healthy and well socialized.  Buck has an awesome temperment and it comes out in his puppies.  


We like to know a little about the families that our puppies are going to.  We want to make sure that you know enough about this breed of dog and that you have space for he or she as well.  You don't need acres of land, but you do need to walk them or get them some exercise.  An apartment is really not big enough.  We do have a contract to sign that is not complicated.  It simply states that you will take care of your dog, and if some unforseen thing happens in your life, that you don't surrender your dog to a shelter.  We sell them as pets only!  No breeding rights!  They are all AKC registered.  We are getting the females hips certified soon.  Bucks are done.  


We require a nonrefundable deposit to hold your puppy.  The puppy is paid in full before going home.  We prefer that puppies be picked up.  This is the best way to meet the parents and us.  Also you will be able to see the personality of your new puppy as well.   We have shipped some of our babies but it depends on weather.  We use Pet Safe to ship and is through American Airlines.  They go to most major airports.  We have found them to be very good!!   The price is by weight of the kennel and puppy together.  The kennel has to be size appropriate as well so they are comfortable.  


We can have references for you from our vet and many families.


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